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Embrace Generative AI or Risk Being Left Behind

It seems that either everyone or no one talks about AI nowadays, depending on the setting or perspective. We at Alchemist not only fully believe but have also seen enough evidence —from some of the most innovative people and companies in the world — that Generative AI is the real thing.

This year’s NVIDIA GTC conference will surely be remembered as a turning point of when Generative AI started to change the world. You would have missed it a lot if you had not listened to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote. I loved how his speech was unapologetically focused on the tech community. To understand everything, you’d need at least a basic knowledge of chip engineering, software/ERP systems, cloud computing, and many other technologies, to name a few. But at the same time, you’d get a glimpse of the future even if you didn't.

“We have moved from a retrieval-based computing era to the generative computing age.”

I’m slightly paraphrasing one of the key messages from the keynote, but this is an amazing articulation of what we’re witnessing. This new Generative computing age will not only need new hardware and software but mainly new capabilities, talent, processes, and operating models. However, Generative AI is not just this magic technology that will enable you to create content, images (still or moving) at will or tech that will make videos from a prompt – it’s so much more than that – and in marketing much more potent, compared to traditional Machine Learning AI.

It will transform how we work and approach almost any aspect of our work. The impact on marketing will be massive - for clients and agencies alike. Some will be ready, and some will not.

And those who will truly invest time, energy, and resources into exploring what it can do, preparing for what’s to come as soon as H2 2024, will be the readiest. We will keep talking about AI going forward, and we will release at least publicly available information from our introduction to Generative AI over the next month or so. And there will be more coming – soon to be released.  

Let us know if you would like to have a chat about Gen AI at more than just a basic level and look into this mesmerising technology and what it can (will be able to) do for your marketing ecosystems or what it means from a perspective of commercial partnerships between you and your agency partners.



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