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What we do.


Generative AI Advisory

We help you navigate the GenAI landscape, unlocking its vast potential for your marketing strategy. Our experts guide you through exploration, planning, and execution, ensuring GenAI becomes a catalyst for your brand's success.


We specialise in optimising agency ecosystems, aligning them with your goals.

From partner selection to performance management, we ensure your marketing strategy thrives.


We design and optimise tailored agency commercial arrangements, incorporate our unique database for bespoke benchmarking to refine decision-making, and foster commercial innovation.


Our approach involves optimising team dynamics, precise planning, streamlined processes, and strategic scope assessment to elevate in-house operations and drive organisational success.

Thanks to the team for doing a great job managing us. We did get to a place that we maybe didn't expect to at the start. What was great was the way that we worked together, from early conversations around your hypothesis to the final recommendation. It was a huge help that Alchemists have built the commercial case in this project.

So that, in the end, we could say, how exactly each of the options stacks up [commercially].

Scott Somerwille, Head of Brand & Marketing at E.ON UK

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