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Environmental Pillar

We fundamentally believe businesses need a defined sustainability strategy, to limit their impact on the environment by taking actions to reduce carbon emissions and minimise waste wherever possible.

We take responsibility for tracking resource consumption and benchmarking our business activities against an established standard.

What we do

  • We are in the process of pledging to and attaining our ‘Small Business Planet’ certification through the SME Climate Hub and have committed to achieving ‘net zero’ emissions by 2030.

  • We employ many sustainable practices related to our office space, including hybrid working, co-sharing with another company and committing to using public transport on office days.

Social Pillar

We have a responsibility to uphold certain social values when dealing with internal and external stakeholders.

For us, employee well-being, inclusivity and development are always a priority. Externally, we are accountable for positively engaging with our community and promoting sustainable practices in everything we do.

What we do

  • We have chosen to volunteer with ‘The Felix Project’, an amazing London-based charity and foodbank fighting hunger and food waste. The group collect food from over 539 suppliers and sort, prepare and deliver meals across the city to approximately 1,000 front-line charities, schools and programmes.

  • We are also members of the Government’s ‘KickStart’ scheme, which aims to provide funding to create new 6-month job placements for 16–24-year-olds claiming Universal Credit.

Economic Pillar

Our Sustainability strategy is closely aligned with our wider business objectives to ensure that we are always considering the ‘Triple Bottom Line’.

We coordinate our operational practices with our overall environmental and social values in order to grow dynamically, and even generate profit in a sustainable manner.

What we do

  • At Alchemists, a key component of our business values is related to promoting sustainable practices in marketing – how clients can operate efficiently and produce a lower number of high-quality outputs.​

  • We have also built financial KPIs focused on driving a sustainable approach to the delivery of advisory services into our Business Plan. We actively promote the reduction of air travel and, where possible, utilise more environmentally friendly alternatives.​​

  • We also always make sustainability credentials a key consideration when advising clients on their external agency ecosystems and potential partner selection.

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