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Pitch & Performance

We help you to choose the right agency partners for you and your business, across all disciplines

Our pitch process is simple and flexible, yet entirely outcome focused. We concentrate on people and chemistry to ensure you (and the agencies) get as near to a real-life experience of what it will be like to work together. Commercial modelling, agency onboarding and performance management are all critical parts of the pitch process.

Immersive pitch selection processes

We have replaced the RFI stage with our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, and our process focuses on co-creation between you and the agencies as well as solving the right problem together to get to the best work, faster.

Client/Agency sprint process 


Immersive pitch selection processes


Client/Agency sprint process 

Modern marketing is relentless; and sometimes you just need to find someone to help you with an immediate challenge. We know how to run a super-fast immersive process, without cutting any corners. 

Client/Agency onboarding 

The end of the pitch process is the beginning of your new relationship. So, it needs to be set up right. We will work with you and the agency to ensure there’s no ambiguity between your and their objectives and that all parties are clear on how you’ll work together.

Client/Agency onboarding 


Performance management


Performance management

Your agency relationships will deliver the best results if you put the required effort in to managing their performance. We are here to help to make this process less daunting as well as to act as an independent party and call out both sides if necessary. Get in touch for a copy of our Client-Agency Relationship Evaluations paper that we produced in partnership with ISBA.



Pitch & Performance

•    Immersive pitch selection processes

•    Client/Agency sprint process

•    Client/Agency onboarding

•    Performance management


Advisory & Commercial

•    Agency model

•    Commercial benchmarking

•    Pay for performance & KPIs



•    Production models & optimisation

•    In-housing assessments

•    Effectivity & efficiency benchmarking


Sharing a vision with our clients.


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Ways of working 

•    Internal ways of working

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